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Perishable Order Management: Stabilizing ‘Yo-Yo’ Demand in Food and Grocery

Perishable order management solutions fueled by machine learning replenishment are highly effective in stabilizing food and grocery demand forecasting

3 Capabilities Essential to Supply Chain Agility

These 3 capabilities are essential to bring supply chain agility and integrated business planning at a time when exceptions are the new normal.

10 Eye-Popping Statistics About Retail Inventory Planning

Here are some statistics about retail inventory planning and related ebook: Does Your Demand Forecasting Strategy Still Fit?

Inventory Reduction is Strong Business Defense Against COVID-19

Why is inventory reduction the best defense against COVID-19? Inventory is your most expensive asset. Here's how to reduce inventory right now.

Coronavirus Economic Effect on Supply Chain: We’re Not All on the Same Page

What is Coronavirus effect on supply chain? Not all agree. The global economic sentiment for the next normal varies by region and by industry.

5 Reasons Execs Nix the Budget Request for SCP Software (and How to Change...

The benefits of SCP software are a no brainer to demand planning teams. But when it comes to execs, the hammer comes down. Uncorking these 5 bottlenecks

Hurricane Season: Tips for Supply Chain Disaster Preparedness

June 1 begins hurricane season. Learn supply chain disaster preparedness tips and strategies from Proctor & Gamble, DHL and others to prep for the next one.

MacPherson’s Reduces Uncertainty Around Import Lead Times While Maintaining 95% Fill Rate with Blue...

Blue Ridge's LifeLine services team and cloud-native SCP solutions reduce uncertainty in supply chain planning around long import lead times, fill rate, customer experience and more.

5 Tips for Renegotiating Your Supplier Contracts

Proactive supplier management is a great way distributors can free up cash. Here are 5 tips for renegotiating your supplier contracts in a pandemic or in any supply chain management disruption.

Pricing Strategy #6: You’d Be Dumb to Over-Rely on Cost-Plus Pricing vs. Science

Cost-plus pricing is a strategy that ignores the science behind margins. Machine learning tools should be central to your post-pandemic pricing strategy.

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