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Highly Digitized, Agile Supply Chains Have an Opportunity to Seize

Highly digitized, agile supply chains have a far greater opportunity over competitors and it all comes down to supply chain planning for future crises

What Causes the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain?

What causes the Bullwhip Effect in supply chain can also be easily fixed with real-time supply chain collaboration tools.

Cost-Saving IBP Software is the Key to Strategic Recovery

Many firms are in survival mode as revenue drops as much as 80%. But spending on cost reduction actions such as process automation; improved...

Inventory Reduction is Strong Business Defense Against COVID-19

Why is inventory reduction the best defense against COVID-19? Inventory is your most expensive asset. Here's how to reduce inventory right now.

3 Supply Chain Risk Planning Areas Forever Changed by COVID-19

Supply chain risk planning with a shoot-from-the-hip approach is deadly in today's COVID-19 stricken environment. Consider re-evaluating these 3 areas.

Retail Pricing Strategies to Reverse Margin Erosion

These retail pricing strategies can reverse margin erosion. See how machine learning algorithms help retailers strategically shape demand & profits.

Distribution and Supply Chain Management Best Practices: Stuff We Can Learn from Lean...

Distribution companies can learn supply chain management best practices from lean manufacturing. A TCO-focused approach to forecasting gets big results.

5 Reasons Execs Nix the Budget Request for SCP Software (and How to Change...

The benefits of SCP software are a no brainer to demand planning teams. But when it comes to execs, the hammer comes down. Uncorking these 5 bottlenecks

Useful Shortcut Map for Supply Chain Software in Europe

SCM's IT Subway Map offers a useful shortcut for selecting supply chain software solutions in Europe. Blue Ridge made this year's map; download here.

What is Order Cycle Optimization?

What is order cycle optimization? Learn how software can help manage supplier constraints and build the most economic order cycle for replenishment.

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