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PODCAST: Time to Gut-Check Your Distribution Facility Operations?

It's getting harder - yet more critical - for distribution companies to be nimble and quick in their operations. Many are considering adding automation and...

A Couple of Coca-Cola and SAP Guys Talk Supply Chain Best Practices

What are you up to during your ride home today? Might want to check out Supply Chain Now Episode 487 to snag some supply...

Supply Chain Trends and Predictions for 2020-2021

Did you know that 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains achieve above-average revenue growth within their industries? Let's back up and answer the bigger...

WOW! 5 Teen Entrepreneurs Become Supply Chain Management Distribution Leaders

How did 5 teenagers from Alpharetta, Georgia, become some of the nation’s largest distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE)? Ingenuity, hard work and some...

American Business Awards® – Blue Ridge a Best Supply Chain Management Solution

Let us brag for a minute. Yep, this happened. Today Blue Ridge is honored to announce that we have won a shiny, new Stevie Award...

Who Are The Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2020?

We're stoked to make this list! Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners by SupplyChainBrain adds Blue Ridge for supply chain management.

Supply Chains Are Rethinking Their Low-Cost Focus

As supply chain management feels the burn of COVID-19, supply chain agility has become a core focus. Supply chains are rethinking their low-cost focus.

3 Supply Chain Risk Planning Areas Forever Changed by COVID-19

Supply chain risk planning with a shoot-from-the-hip approach is deadly in today's COVID-19 stricken environment. Consider re-evaluating these 3 areas.

Distribution and Supply Chain Management Best Practices: Stuff We Can Learn from Lean...

Distribution companies can learn supply chain management best practices from lean manufacturing. A TCO-focused approach to forecasting gets big results.

What is Order Cycle Optimization?

What is order cycle optimization? Learn how software can help manage supplier constraints and build the most economic order cycle for replenishment.

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