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What is the Economic Outlook for World Trade? Here Are Lots of Stats…

The World Trade Organization predicted in April that world merchandise trade would plummet between 13% and 32% this year. What are your thoughts now? Are...

3 Ways to Create Resilient Supply Chains

Systemic shocks in global supply chains are here, but with the right resilience strategy, you can break through. It depends on how you manage the...

Supply Chain Agility: Lessons from a Wine and Spirits Mastermind

While the supply chain agility strategy to retool production operations can be challenging, it can also present company history-changing opportunities. Strong supplier management will be key.

Food and Beverage Companies, Food Dive Needs Your Input

Food and beverage companies and manufacturers trying to navigate chaos in supply planning from coronavirus outbreaks can get some answers and weigh in here.

How to Shut Down the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain

The Bullwhip Effect in supply chain demand planning can be easily shut down with collaboration solutions that connect production to real-time retail data.

4 Pricing Strategies You’ve Probably Never Tried

Here are 4 price optimization and pricing strategies that retail and distribution businesses can use to balance prices and profits

What is Order Cycle Optimization?

What is order cycle optimization? Learn how software can help manage supplier constraints and build the most economic order cycle for replenishment.

5 Tips for Renegotiating Your Supplier Contracts

Proactive supplier management is a great way distributors can free up cash. Here are 5 tips for renegotiating your supplier contracts in a pandemic or in any supply chain management disruption.

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