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Amazon’s Holiday Logistics Nightmare

As I was sitting here, kicking my own butt for procrastinating my holiday shopping, I started to wonder about Amazon and what...

6 Trends the Food Industry Can Learn from Dutch Supermarkets (Part 2)

Part 2 of our series continues today and I'm so glad you joined us. We've been talking about trends in the food industry and what...

How’s Your Supply Chain Resilience Planning Going?

5 Recommendations for Supply Chain Cost Control & Sustainability Many manufacturers and retailers have experienced the stress, service problems and financial costs of business disruptions...

How to Balance Safety Stock: 4 Myths, Dispelled

Learning how to balance safety stock requires re-examining your inventory management strategy. Start by understanding these 4 myths about safety stock.

Perishable Order Management: Stabilizing ‘Yo-Yo’ Demand in Food and Grocery

Perishable order management solutions fueled by machine learning replenishment are highly effective in stabilizing food and grocery demand forecasting

What is Order Cycle Optimization?

What is order cycle optimization? Learn how software can help manage supplier constraints and build the most economic order cycle for replenishment.

Managing Your Coronavirus-Stricken Business: 7 Logistics Impacts on Supply Chain

Coronavirus cases in China are declining. China is starting to get back online with warehouse capacity on manufactured goods. The whole world hopes to follow suit sooner rather than later. But now, the global supply chain faces an aftermath of logistics problems...

Best Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions Expand in Europe

Blue Ridge customers in the Nordic region have long enjoyed industry-best results with our Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions. Today we are very excited...

Special Order Analysis: 6th Essential Step to Expert Demand Planning

You’ve taken care of your customers’ needs. You’ve created your replenishment order, but you left a few stones unturned... What about those Special Orders?...

7 Habits of Today’s Top Inventory Management Teams

What can you learn from the habits of today's top inventory management teams? We've been collecting insights from blue-chip inventory analysts over the years and...

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