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Retail Pricing Strategies to Reverse Margin Erosion

These retail pricing strategies can reverse margin erosion. See how machine learning algorithms help retailers strategically shape demand & profits.

5 Reasons Execs Nix the Budget Request for SCP Software (and How to Change...

The benefits of SCP software are a no brainer to demand planning teams. But when it comes to execs, the hammer comes down. Uncorking these 5 bottlenecks

Bad Pricing Strategies: What’s That Smell?

Retailers have already been feeling the squeeze to fine-tune their pricing strategies for quite some time now; thanks to COVID-19 and Amazon, distributors are...

Pricing Strategy #6: You’d Be Dumb to Over-Rely on Cost-Plus Pricing vs. Science

Cost-plus pricing is a strategy that ignores the science behind margins. Machine learning tools should be central to your post-pandemic pricing strategy.

Pricing Strategy #5: You’d Be Dumb to Ignore Shrinking Revenue and Profits

A key pricing strategy you'd be dumb to ignore is price optimization software. This strategy offsets shrinking revenue and margins using pricing analytics

Pricing Strategy #4: You’d Be Dumb to Ignore Intelligent Pricing with SCP

Welcome back to our series! We’ve been talking about pricing strategies you’d be dumb to ignore during the pandemic. This series is not just for...

Pricing Strategy #3: You’d Be Dumb to Ignore Flexibility to Cost Changes

Today is about building flexibility into your pricing strategy so you can manage unpredictable cost changes and maintain control over margins.

Pricing Strategy #2: You’d be Dumb to Ignore Competitor Pricing

Welcome back to our series, “6 Pricing Strategies You’d be Dumb to Ignore”! Last week we talked about COVID-19’s explosive impact on ecommerce and...

6 Pricing Strategies You’d Be Dumb to Ignore: Strategy #1

Intro to this Series One of the most painful lessons distributors and retailers are learning right now is that, when it comes to pricing strategy,...

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