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Is Fewer Products on Retail Store Shelves the Answer Right Now?

Retailers are selling fewer products in store to recoup profits. But are supply chain planning and pricing solutions a better way to free up cash right now?

9 Growth Strategies for Manufacturing Industry 4.0

9 manufacturing growth strategies for NetSuite users to evolve for digitalization in the new Industry 4.0 where AI and customer experience reign.

3 COVID-19 Hangover Cures for Supply Chain Executives: Part 2

Supply chain executives are picking up the pieces from 3 key problems caused by COVID-19:  Supply Extremes, Mass Exodus to e-Commerce and Misalignment of...

Supply Chain Collaboration and S&OP Are Key to Unwinding Disruption

Supply chain collaboration and S&OP are crucial to unwind disruption. Use analytics to decide which strategic customer and SKU segments are most profitable

Predictive vs. Prescriptive vs. Cognitive Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics is a fuzzy area for many. Lora Cecere tells the difference between predictive analytics, prescriptive and cognitive analytics.

Firms Will Drive $2T a Year in Value from Machine Learning in Supply Chain...

The future of forecasting is machine learning, a binary of supply chain management and price optimization, which will drive $2T a year in value for firms.

3 New Mindsets for the Post-COVID-19 Growth Agenda

New CMO Mindsets are required to power the post-COVID-19 growth agenda including collaboration and supply chain analytics to fuel human connection.

4 Pricing Strategies You’ve Probably Never Tried

Here are 4 price optimization and pricing strategies that retail and distribution businesses can use to balance prices and profits

COVID-19 Supply Chain Resources and Recovery Strategies

Inbound Logistics put out an article of supply chain resources and recovery strategies for COVID-19, in which Cliff Isaacson shares why price optimization software is critical right now.

Pricing Products is an Iterative Sport

Pricing products needs to be an iterative sport in today's uber-competitive, rapidly evolving world. Price optimization software helps flex with the changing needs of consumers.

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