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5 Supply Chain Disruptions Our Software Can Solve

The year 2020. OMG. Seems like everything could go wrong, did. All you read about these days is supply chain disruptions. The need to build...

Fuel for Choosing a Planning for NetSuite Software Provider

Doing a comparison of Planning for NetSuite software providers? There are many out there. One thing our customers say over and over again is that,...

Top 4 Drivers of Supply Chain Success

What are the best strategies that drive supply chain success? Ask a few people and you’ll get a lot of different answers. After all,...

Tips to Stop Hemorrhaging Cash from Rising Retail Returns

Retail returns are on the rise. Yet, they are a costly reality to expect and prep for. What’s the going cost of retail returns? An...

COVID-19 is a Catalyst in Supply Chain Technology Adoption

If supply chain technology was a flickering item on the docket last year, this year it is a full-blown, 5-alarm fire. COVID-19 has lit a...

American Business Awards® – Blue Ridge a Best Supply Chain Management Solution

Let us brag for a minute. Yep, this happened. Today Blue Ridge is honored to announce that we have won a shiny, new Stevie Award...

Why Value-Based Pricing Should Top Your To-Do List

Is value-based pricing a priority? If not, then you've fallen into the cost-based pricing trap. Avoid margin erosion with pricing analytics.

Is Fewer Products on Retail Store Shelves the Answer Right Now?

Retailers are selling fewer products in store to recoup profits. But are supply chain planning and pricing solutions a better way to free up cash right now?

9 Growth Strategies for Manufacturing Industry 4.0

9 manufacturing growth strategies for NetSuite users to evolve for digitalization in the new Industry 4.0 where AI and customer experience reign.

3 COVID-19 Hangover Cures for Supply Chain Executives: Part 2

Supply chain executives are picking up the pieces from 3 key problems caused by COVID-19:  Supply Extremes, Mass Exodus to e-Commerce and Misalignment of...

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