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5 Supply Chain Disruptions Our Software Can Solve

The year 2020. OMG. Seems like everything could go wrong, did. All you read about these days is supply chain disruptions. The need to build...

13 Consumer Habits of Interest to Foodservice Distributors Right Now

These 13 consumer habits are good inventory optimization and demand planning resources for foodservice distributors right now, from IFIC's survey during the pandemic

What is COVID-19 Doing to the Global Food Industry?

Following recent dark news that the world’s biggest pork producer, Smithfield, which accounts for 5% of U.S. pork production, shut down its Sioux Falls,...

Best Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions Expand in Europe

Blue Ridge customers in the Nordic region have long enjoyed industry-best results with our Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions. Today we are very excited...

Managing Your Coronavirus-Stricken Business: Top Fears and Solutions

What’s the Plan, Stan? For most, the answer to that is “Who T.F. knows?!” Late last week, IBF posted that 44% of companies do not have...

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