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Demand Planning in ERP? I’d Rather Chew Broken Glass.

Why do demand planning teams despise their ERP? That’s an easy one. It’s totally impractical for supply chain planning in the distribution world! Despite what...

Top 4 Drivers of Supply Chain Success

What are the best strategies that drive supply chain success? Ask a few people and you’ll get a lot of different answers. After all,...

COVID-19 is a Catalyst in Supply Chain Technology Adoption

If supply chain technology was a flickering item on the docket last year, this year it is a full-blown, 5-alarm fire. COVID-19 has lit a...

Differences Between Demand Forecasting Yesterday vs. Tomorrow

There are some distinct differences between demand forecasting, which operates on historical sales data alone, and predictive analytics, where decisions are science-driven. There are huge benefits in the areas of agility, responsiveness and accuracy in demand planning.

HVAC Industry Trends Distributors Should Know About

In mid-July, the HARDI Pulse Survey revealed some insightful HVAC industry trends. These stats, which cover sales, inventory delays, employee health and customer delivery preferences, may be super helpful to HVACR and plumbing distributors who want to refine their demand forecasting strategies.

How to Balance Safety Stock: 4 Myths, Dispelled

Learning how to balance safety stock requires re-examining your inventory management strategy. Start by understanding these 4 myths about safety stock.

Optimizing New Items: A Demand Forecasting Conundrum

Optimizing new items is one of the biggest conundrums in inventory optimization and demand forecasting. This PlanningPosts podcast with Tracy Coon reveals some LifeLine strategies to improve success with forecasting new-product demand.

Fun with Neural Networks

What are neural networks in demand forecasting? Today is a day for fun, as we look at Denis Shiryaev's use of neural networks in photorealistic art.

The 3 S’s Plaguing Your HVAC Customers: Part 3

The HVAC labor shortage is plaguing your HVAC customers. Learn why the shortage and how better demand forecasting can help you help them in their struggle.

How to Shut Down the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain

The Bullwhip Effect in supply chain demand planning can be easily shut down with collaboration solutions that connect production to real-time retail data.

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