Supply Chain Planning
Technology Value Matrix 2022

To better understand how organizations are utilizing Supply Chain Planning technologies to address supply and labor shortages, geopolitical disruptions, and demand fluctuations download the recent Nucleus Research annual Supply Chain Planning Technology Matrix for 2022.

Learn how organizations are leveraging and requiring technology to prepare for these unforeseen disruptions. Take away lessons as why Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions are taking center stage as businesses seek to drive efficiencies and impart greater resilience throughout their supply chain processes. Understand the impact on operations with new capabilities that consider machine learning decision-making, multi-tier supplier networks, and signal detection.

Understand why Blue Ridge Global is recognized as a “facilitator” in this year’s SCP Technology Value Matrix. Nucleus Research values the new integrated architecture that combines pricing and inventory data, enabling users to account for price fluctuations and sensitivity levels across the inventory management process. They highlight the new manufacturing-specific planning capabilities that organizations can now optimize capacity, replenishments, and production levels via AI/ML-based recommendations.

Find out more how Blue Ridge embedded analytics engine and the new intuitive dashboard of KPI metrics and rapid BI analysis can bring a rapid ROI to your organization. Download the report now.

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Supply Chain Planning Technology Value Matrix 2022

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