Learn about the current state of the food distribution supply chain from key experts in the field

Since the pandemic, one thing has become clear: resilient supply chains are essential when fluctuations are unpredictable. Food distribution is at the center of grocery and restaurant networks worldwide, which means knowing and effectively navigating the industry is critical. Freshness might not care about delays – but your customers do.

With the current state of the supply chain and the possibilities of the future to consider, what can you do to prepare and pivot when necessary? You’ll hear an informative presentation in this webinar that answers that question and more. Kevin Rhee of Rhee BROS., Inc. and Tom Raftery of UniPro joined Blue Ridge for an in-depth discussion that tackles the things you need to know.

You’ll learn:

  • Insights on the recent state of the food distribution supply chain
  • Market trends to be aware of and how to adapt with creativity
  • Common inventory management mistakes and best practices to avoid them
  • The impact of technology on your business and its supply chain, including the Blue Ridge solution difference