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Inventory Planning Tools to Help You Nail it

PlanningPosts is a supply chain planning blog dedicated to creating demand forecasting gurus. We launched PlanningPosts with one goal:  to teach businesses how to be more intentional with their purchasing decisions. To stop overbuying or underbuying in order to fight forces they can’t control. To help them move the needle on profitability. And manage demand volatility like a boss.

In this free-flow community of ideas, stories, tactical tips and tools, expert insights and other resources, nothing’s off limits. If it can lower your inventory investment or improve customer experience, we bring it.

Written by some of the industry’s most seasoned supply chain planning experts, PlanningPosts is turning tactical buying clerks into strategic inventory gurus. Ready to impact the bottom line? Your learning tools are all here – now go own it!

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PlanningPosts is sponsored by Blue Ridge, the supply chain planning solution helping distributors and retailers make inventory decisions that cause both customers and CFOs to do the happy dance.