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10 Steps to a World-Class Inventory Planning Team

The demand planning profession has evolved more than any other department in the retail and wholesale world. Inventory teams that used to rely on their...

Tariffs and Supply Chain Planning: When Does a Speculative Buy Make...

Episode 3: What's the impact of tariffs on supply chain planning, and what can you do about it? There’s a lot of political “poo” being...

10 Inventory Analytics Numbers Every Exec Should Care About

Beyond the basic KPIs, there are 10 key inventory analytics that can improve the overall financial health of your distribution business. In Episode 2 Dan...
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Making a Champion Podcast

Welcome to our very first episode of The PlanningPosts Podcast! Sponsored by Blue Ridge, hosted by Todd Craig. This podcast is a community of supply chain and inventory optimization experts dedicated to creating demand forecasting gurus!

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