We Are Rolling with BLUEPRINT2020!

Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights and Jim Byrnes are rolling the conference kick-off. We have a great lineup of supply chain content in store for the next 2 days! We added 50 new seats...

11 Benefits of Shifting Inventory Risk onto the Manufacturer

“Who should own inventory risk?” That question was posed – and answered – by SupplyChainBrain’s Think Tank. You can read their article here. In short, SCB Contributor M. Scott Moon proposes shifting inventory risk onto...

Data Analytics: A Competitive Edge for Supply Chain Management

Organizations are finding that data analytics and related technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning hold the key to supply chain management excellence. How are analytics, AI and machine learning used in supply...

Lora Cecere and Adrian Gonzalez Join BLUEPRINT FREE Supply Chain Conference

Lora Cecere and Adrian Gonzalez – two of the most influential and knowledgeable thought leaders in the supply chain space – will speak at our virtual supply chain conference, BLUEPRINT 2020 next Wednesday and...

Supply Chain Expertise and Best Practices Are on the Menu at Virtual BLUEPRINT 2020...

--Blue Ridge waives fees for conference featuring more customer, partner and analyst speakers than any in the history of the event--

Grilstad Selects Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Solutions to Execute a Better S&OP...

Leading Norwegian producer of meat products to use Blue Ridge solutions to navigate planning production and put a best practice S&OP process in place

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Sanket Narkar

What's it like to work at Blue Ridge? Let's go straight to the source. Blue Ridge Career Diaries is a series of personal stories submitted by Blue Ridge employees on how and why they joined...

6 Statistics That Prove Supply Chain Visibility Matters

Yesterday we blogged about supply chain risk management and the crucial role that supply chain visibility plays in it. In a worldwide supply chain study by GEODIS, it is apparent that most companies just...

Supply Chain Risk Management: Are You Flying Blind?

Coronavirus has brought supply chain risk management into many boardroom conversations. To understand risk, we must first understand how much visibility companies have into their facilities and their extended supplier networks. It's not much, says...

A Great Comparison Chart of 6 ERP Solutions

Today’s ERP market is uber-competitive. These ERP solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with the needs of an increasingly complex business landscape, making it tough to decide which is the best ERP solution...

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy in Multi-Echelon Manufacturing Supply Chains

Forecast accuracy is a key stumbling block for manufacturing supply chains, as it continues to paralyze a variety of short-term operational decisions, such as production scheduling and inventory management. This is especially true where there...

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Vedangi Lavekar

If you’re wondering what a career at Blue Ridge might look like, these diaries paint the picture. Blue Ridge Career Diaries is a series of personal stories submitted by Blue Ridge employees on how...

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Release 180 Leverages AI and Machine Learning for Superior...

New science-based forecasting enhancements break through to new levels of sense-and-respond performance.

ERP, Big Whoop! How Well Can You Really Track Your Supply Chain Costs?

Supply chain finance is always a thorn in companies' sides. Right now it's the entire rose bush, with very little information on how to track supply chain costs. While the guy or girl who...

6 Signs That Your Supply Chain Risk Just Shot Up

Worried about the reliability and security of your supply chain? Supply chain risk levels are not steady states, and can feel like walking a tightrope. Your systems and the systems of everyone touching your supply...

Tips to Stop Hemorrhaging Cash from Rising Retail Returns

Retail returns are on the rise. Yet, they are a costly reality to expect and prep for. What’s the going cost of retail returns? An article in today’s RetailTouchpoints reports $309 billion in lost sales...

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Dhanashri Raskar

If you’re wondering what a Blue Ridge career might look like, you’ve landed in the right place. If you’ve been following our Blue Ridge Career Diaries, thank you! These are stories submitted by Blue...

COVID-19 is a Catalyst in Supply Chain Technology Adoption

If supply chain technology was a flickering item on the docket last year, this year it is a full-blown, 5-alarm fire. COVID-19 has lit a fire under the keister of retail, manufacturing and logistics leaders...

Painless Collaborative Planning and Forecasting in Manufacturing

I'd be willing to bet there are very few manufacturing companies that would describe forecasting and planning as "collaborative", much less "painless". Blame the pandemic. Blame e-commerce. Blame trade tariffs, transportation costs,  supplier (mis)communication, or...

Exciting New Additions to Our FREE Virtual Supply Chain Conference

Looking for the best free virtual supply chain conference deserving of your scarce time? You can stop now. It's here. I'll admit, I've learned in all my years that usually when something's FREE, it's lame....

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Milind Thakre

Looking for careers in supply chain software? This series is designed to help job seekers get a glimpse inside what it's like to work at Blue Ridge. Earlier we launched the weekly series, Blue Ridge...

Constellation Research: Top 10 Solutions to Know for Order Management

Exciting news this week... Constellation Research's Top 10 Solutions to Know for Order Management is here! Constellation Research has just published their ShortList™ for Matrix Commerce Order Management solutions, and guess who’s on it? Yep, Blue...

Blue Ridge Partners with ReSight from CoopDIGITy to Offer Seamless Sales Data Collection and...

--Blue Ridge partners with California-based data collection platform to provide retail and distribution data collection, forecasting and collaborative planning for manufacturers--

3 Ways to Create Resilient Supply Chains

Systemic shocks in global supply chains are here, but with the right resilience strategy, you can break through. It depends on how you manage the risk. . Supply Chain Digital says you don’t need to be...

WOW! 5 Teen Entrepreneurs Become Supply Chain Management Distribution Leaders

How did 5 teenagers from Alpharetta, Georgia, become some of the nation’s largest distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE)? Ingenuity, hard work and some help from friends. Forbes told the amazing story of their summer...

American Business Awards® – Blue Ridge a Best Supply Chain Management Solution

Let us brag for a minute. Yep, this happened. Today Blue Ridge is honored to announce that we have won a shiny, new Stevie Award in the category of Best Supply Chain Management solution. The winners...

Blue Ridge Price Optimization Wins Bronze “Stevie” Award for Best New Supply Chain Management...

Price Optimization leverages machine learning to quickly identify opportunities and simulate pricing strategies for peak margin, profits, revenues and sales.

What’s Next in Blue Ridge: Supply Chain Planning Release Webinar

We are pleased to have just wrapped up our most successful customer webinar yet, unveiling some exciting Supply Chain Planning updates in the coming release! A record number of customers registered, and very few dropped...

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Balaji Fugate

Looking for careers in supply chain software? This series is designed to help job seekers get a glimpse inside why we love our jobs here at Blue Ridge. We launched the Blue Ridge Career Diaries...

Forecasting Seasonal Demand with Machine Learning Tools

Forecasting seasonal demand on today's complex supply chain management battlefield requires advanced machine learning tools.

Supply Chain Optimization: European Insights from a Talk with Simacan

Supply chain optimization is a ripe topic for European distribution companies. Iris Westrik talks with Simacan to share strategies.

Who Are The Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2020?

We're stoked to make this list! Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners by SupplyChainBrain adds Blue Ridge for supply chain management.

BLUEPRINT 2020 Virtual Supply Chain Planning, Forecasting and Price Optimization Conference Registration Now Open

BLUEPRINT 2020 is virtual and open to supply chain planning professionals for free this year, feat. SCP, forecasting and price optimization

6 Benefits of Integrated Business Planning Software for Inventory Optimization

The benefits of Integrated Business Planning software are something that should be part of every company's inventory optimization strategy.

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Sanchit Limaye

Every Blue Ridge Career starts with great hiring. We're starting a weekly series of authentic stories from employees about our work culture.

Why Value-Based Pricing Should Top Your To-Do List

Is value-based pricing a priority? If not, then you've fallen into the cost-based pricing trap. Avoid margin erosion with pricing analytics.

Blue Ridge is Named One of 2020’s “100 Great Supply Chain Partners” by SupplyChainBrain

Blue Ridge selection based on the precision, visibility and depth of insights from their supply chain planning solutions.

Differences Between Demand Forecasting Yesterday vs. Tomorrow

There are some distinct differences between demand forecasting, which operates on historical sales data alone, and predictive analytics, where decisions are science-driven. There are huge benefits in the areas of agility, responsiveness and accuracy in demand planning.

How to Balance Inventory and Stop Giving Up Margins Immediately

Did you know the average distributor is sitting on $1.25 for every $1 they sell? Razor-thin margins are NOT an okay casualty of business, if you know how to balance inventory intelligently. Today's growing uncertainties around supply chain are totally fixable in just a few keystrokes. See how in this video.

Retail Supply Chain Virtual Event to Address Consumerization Challenges

If you’re struggling with the consumerization of your retail supply chain, Retail Supply Chain Virtual USA is for you. With a killer lineup, talks will cover rebuilding your retail supply chain in a way that uses data and technology to get into consumers’ shoes. Particularly in the areas of inventory management and sustainability.

The Future of Digital Supply Chains

What does the future of digital supply chains look like? Industry 4.0 has uncertainty locked and loaded. With e-commerce creating (even more) unpredictable demand, it's time to embrace digitalization.

Digitalization Technology is Key to Navigating COVID-19 Supply Shocks

Digitalization has accelerated the need for technology investments such as contactless deliveries. Case-in-point: J.B. Hunt. See why supply chain analytics and other digital investments should top your priority list right now.

Example of Forecast Management Excellence During COVID-19

See how the Blue Ridge forecast management solution during COVID-19 helped a large HVAC distributor create 180% growth, with no layoffs or furloughs.

HVAC Industry Trends Distributors Should Know About

In mid-July, the HARDI Pulse Survey revealed some insightful HVAC industry trends. These stats, which cover sales, inventory delays, employee health and customer delivery preferences, may be super helpful to HVACR and plumbing distributors who want to refine their demand forecasting strategies.

Supply Chain Agility: Lessons from a Wine and Spirits Mastermind

While the supply chain agility strategy to retool production operations can be challenging, it can also present company history-changing opportunities. Strong supplier management will be key.

Is Fewer Products on Retail Store Shelves the Answer Right Now?

Retailers are selling fewer products in store to recoup profits. But are supply chain planning and pricing solutions a better way to free up cash right now?

How to Balance Safety Stock: 4 Myths, Dispelled

Learning how to balance safety stock requires re-examining your inventory management strategy. Start by understanding these 4 myths about safety stock.

Six 2020 Supply Chain Trends: Tech Reigns

The Next Tech gave six 2020 supply chain trends to have on your radar, and tech reigns them all. See what's coming up in the supply chain toolbox.

Optimizing New Items: A Demand Forecasting Conundrum

Optimizing new items is one of the biggest conundrums in inventory optimization and demand forecasting. This PlanningPosts podcast with Tracy Coon reveals some LifeLine strategies to improve success with forecasting new-product demand.

Distribution Strategy Group Presents The Wholesale Change Show

The Distribution Strategy Group hosts episodes of The Wholesale Change Show every Wednesday. Access past webinars and preview upcoming ones here.

WEBINAR: Thriving in Supply Chain Disruptions

This webinar with The Vested Group says thriving in supply chain disruptions requires trading knee-jerk reactions for a longer-term approach to adaptability.

Long-Term Supply Chain Shortages: Predictions from Daniel Stanton

Supply chain management expert Daniel Stanton shares what long-term supply chain shortages we can expect. Spoiler alert: it's not toilet paper.

Fun with Neural Networks

What are neural networks in demand forecasting? Today is a day for fun, as we look at Denis Shiryaev's use of neural networks in photorealistic art.

6 Predictions as Firms Retool Their Supply Chains for Resilience

After global supply chains actually became leaner in 2019, predictions for post-pandemic supply chains are that this progress is being reversed by a reaction of stockpiling. Building resilience requires inventory reduction strategies.

9 Growth Strategies for Manufacturing Industry 4.0

9 manufacturing growth strategies for NetSuite users to evolve for digitalization in the new Industry 4.0 where AI and customer experience reign.