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10 Steps to a World-Class Inventory Planning Team

The demand planning profession has evolved more than any other department in the retail and wholesale world. Inventory teams that used to rely on their green bar report and a solar-powered calculator now have demand...

Long Lead Times Bring the Heat

You always knew you didn’t care for items with long lead times, but you could never fully express why. Let this Lead Time - Service Goal % Heat Graph illustrate your pain: How to read this...

7 Areas Where Inventory Leaders Can Up Their Game

So, you want to be a really effective inventory professional? Do you want your inventory team to be the most admired group in the company? Here are the top 7 areas where you can...

Tariffs and Supply Chain Planning: When Does a Speculative Buy Make Sense?

Episode 3: What's the impact of tariffs on supply chain planning, and what can you do about it? There’s a lot of political “poo” being flung around over the international tariff situation. But today we’re...

10 Inventory Analytics Numbers Every Exec Should Care About

Beyond the basic KPIs, there are 10 key inventory analytics that can improve the overall financial health of your distribution business. In Episode 2 Dan Craddock, Catalyst supply chain consultant and guru, explains how business...
Making a Champion Planningposts blog

Making a Champion Podcast

Welcome to our very first episode of The PlanningPosts Podcast! Sponsored by Blue Ridge, hosted by Todd Craig. This podcast is a community of supply chain and inventory optimization experts dedicated to creating demand forecasting gurus!

The Growing List of Surprisingly Seasonal Items

If seasonality is sometimes a mystery to you, you're not alone! The Planning Posts writers have been accumulating a list of surprisingly seasonal items for years. This list shows items that sell in a...

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