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What’s Next in Blue Ridge: Supply Chain Planning Release Webinar

We are pleased to have just wrapped up our most successful customer webinar yet, unveiling some exciting Supply Chain Planning updates in the coming release! A record number of customers registered, and very few dropped...

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Balaji Fugate

Looking for careers in supply chain software? This series is designed to help job seekers get a glimpse inside why we love our jobs here at Blue Ridge. We launched the Blue Ridge Career Diaries...

Forecasting Seasonal Demand with Machine Learning Tools

Forecasting seasonal demand on today's complex supply chain management battlefield requires advanced machine learning tools.

Supply Chain Optimization: European Insights from a Talk with Simacan

Supply chain optimization is a ripe topic for European distribution companies. Iris Westrik talks with Simacan to share strategies.

Who Are The Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2020?

We're stoked to make this list! Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners by SupplyChainBrain adds Blue Ridge for supply chain management.

6 Benefits of Integrated Business Planning Software for Inventory Optimization

The benefits of Integrated Business Planning software are something that should be part of every company's inventory optimization strategy.

Blue Ridge Career Diaries: Sanchit Limaye

Every Blue Ridge Career starts with great hiring. We're starting a weekly series of authentic stories from employees about our work culture.

Why Value-Based Pricing Should Top Your To-Do List

Is value-based pricing a priority? If not, then you've fallen into the cost-based pricing trap. Avoid margin erosion with pricing analytics.

Differences Between Demand Forecasting Yesterday vs. Tomorrow

There are some distinct differences between demand forecasting, which operates on historical sales data alone, and predictive analytics, where decisions are science-driven. There are huge benefits in the areas of agility, responsiveness and accuracy in demand planning.

How to Balance Inventory and Stop Giving Up Margins Immediately

Did you know the average distributor is sitting on $1.25 for every $1 they sell? Razor-thin margins are NOT an okay casualty of business, if you know how to balance inventory intelligently. Today's growing uncertainties around supply chain are totally fixable in just a few keystrokes. See how in this video.

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