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How to Free Up Cash for Your Coronavirus-Stricken Business

CORONAVIRUS = CASH PROBLEMS Coronavirus presents cash problems for businesses everywhere. This morning MDM shared that the CEO of BlueLinx, a large building products distributor, voluntarily cut his monthly salary to $1, in response to...

Managing Coronavirus: Forecasting Tips for Un-Forecastable Lead Times

Welcome to Part 4 of our series! If you've been reading, you know the cold, hard truth:  the decisions you make today, and how you are managing your Coronavirus-stricken business, will follow you for...

Managing Your Coronavirus-Stricken Business: 7 Logistics Impacts on Supply Chain

Coronavirus cases in China are declining. China is starting to get back online with warehouse capacity on manufactured goods. The whole world hopes to follow suit sooner rather than later. But now, the global supply chain faces an aftermath of logistics problems...

Best Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions Expand in Europe

Blue Ridge customers in the Nordic region have long enjoyed industry-best results with our Demand Forecasting and Replenishment solutions. Today we are very excited to announce that retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers in the...

Managing Your Coronavirus-Stricken Business: Supply Chain Analytics

Welcome to Part 2 of our series! IBF’s alarming statistic that 44% of businesses do not have a plan for managing Coronavirus got us thinking, “How can we best help the market, whether folks are using our demand planning software or someone else’s?"

Managing Your Coronavirus-Stricken Business: Top Fears and Solutions

What’s the Plan, Stan? For most, the answer to that is “Who T.F. knows?!” Late last week, IBF posted that 44% of companies do not have a plan for managing Coronavirus moving forward. Odds are, you...

Stop Price Gouging in Disaster: A New Trend Puts CX First

Harvard Business Review put out an interesting article on price gouging in disaster. It was written during the hurricanes, but their position applies to the tragic events we are experiencing with COVID-19. They point...

Specialty Retail Series: Part 4 of 4

Inventory Optimization Strategies for Retail CX Domination Welcome to the final post in our "Specialty Retail Series." In case you need a refresher, Part 3 covered "Where to Put Your Retail Tech Investment in 2020," which...

Specialty Retail Series: Part 3 of 4

In Part 2 of this series, we talked about how ridiculously time consuming it is to conduct inventory management tasks manually. We discussed the reasons for this and shared how inventory automation is making...

Never Take Your Eyes Off this Demand Forecasting Metric

If you only look at one demand forecasting metric ever, it should be demand deviation. As you'll see in this video tutorial, demand deviation is the #1 value influencing your profitability. Take a look at some of...

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